Monday, June 14, 2010

Deck Envy

Well another week, another blog.

This week went by pretty fast. Before I knew it, it was the weekend. Work was work. I helped D$ finish up his deck after work one day. The deck is nice. Really NICE. I have total deck envy. Now I just need to convince the wife we “need” a deck too. It’ll take some work on my end but I’m sure she’ll come around. It might take a few months to get her to say “oh, okay” and then another year or so to actually build it but I need to think long term. I need to plant the seed now and love it, squeeze it, and call it George (sorry, old Looney Tunes reference there). Next thing you know, I’ll have my deck, custom cover, and BBQ man-station all ready for entertaining.
This weekend was Maple Valley Days. A small “fair” of sorts. It was my first time. It wasn’t bad but I was bummed there was no car show. Maybe next year. The junk food was a nice treat.

Okay, well I’ve spent my allotted “blog” time, I should get back to work. Later peeps.


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  1. Yeah, well, we have clean house envy. And, grown-up kids that can pick up after themselves envy. I'll trade you Denise and Ebbie for Dustin and Breckin for a weekend. Ha!